Improving food, energy and water management for sustainable food systems in South Asia


About the program

The ACIAR SDIP program aims to improve food, energy and water security for sustainable food systems in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. Funded by the Australian Government's Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, this work is part of a wider regional portfolio in South Asia that focuses on integrated management of food, energy and water.

Using a long-term, gender-inclusive and highly collaborative approach, we aim to implement strategies which increase food security while reducing environmental impacts.

Our work explores the drivers and constraints that affect development of sustainable food systems in the wider South Asia region - including the growing challenges of climate change, and the need to promote gender equality by empowering women and girls.


Latest stories


SRFSI - The West Bengal Story

The story of how the Sustainable and Resilient Farming Systems Intensification (SRFSI) project and local partners successfully introduced conservation agriculture based sustainable intensification to more than 70,000 farmers in West Bengal.

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Latest news


Exposure visit to West Bengal a productive way of promoting agricultural mechanisation in Sunsari

Government officials and private sector partners from Sunsari visited the Satmile Satish Club in West Bengal to learn about their experiences with agricultural mechanization.

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CA machinery now a compulsory part of CHC in West Bengal

CA machinery will be available to more farmers as a compulsory part of CHCs that receive government subsidies.

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Exploring how Nepal's new federal system is impacting on agricultural systems

Researchers and policy makers met in Kathmandu to explore the current impact of federalisation on agriculture and water management, and to prioritise future research needs.

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Conversations on CASI Convergence in Bangladesh

Work to progress incorporation of CASI into existing programs in Bangladesh is supported by the Secretary for the Ministry of Agriculture.

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Upcoming events

1 - 3 October

DFAT Partner Dialogue, Kathmandu

12 October

Workshop on Sharing Experiences with CA-based Seeding Mechanisation in Bangladesh, Dhaka

14 - 15 October

International Conference on Crop Residue Management, Patna

19 November

ACIAR Bangladesh Country Strategy Launch, Dhaka (TBC)

20 - 21 November

ACIAR SDIP Steering Committee Meeting, Rangpur

25 - 26 November

Institutional Innovation Project Mid-term Review Meeting, Kathmandu

28 - 29 November

ACIAR SDIP Project Leaders Meeting, Kathmandu