Component 1

Coordination, systems analysis, synthesis and communications



To ensure that the regional partnership program on sustainable food systems is guided by a framework for systems analysis, partnership work is coordinated, research outputs are synthesized and communicated well, and the program is linked with key basin, national and regional policy and dialogue processes. 

Key Activities

  • Develop overall analytical framework to guide the work of ACIAR SDIP and integrate phases 1 and 2

  • Convene Steering Committee and relevant working groups

  • Manage coordination, contracts and work planning with all partners

  • Organise relevant synthesis, systems analysis and dialogue workshops

  • Identify and respond to key opportunities for policy engagement at basin and regional scales

  • Guide the development of necessary analytical studies

  • Engage in key forums and spaces for supporting informed policy dialogue

  • Develop communication materials for SRFSI and SDIP

  • Ensure monitoring and evaluation and reporting to DFAT


ACIAR team (Research Program Manager for Water and Climate (RPM), Program Manager (PM), Project Coordinator (PC)) 

Key Partners

All project commissioned organisations 

Delivery Mechanisms

A small ACIAR management team works closely to guide the overall project. This team facilitates the implementation and reporting of ACIAR SDIP activities under the leadership of the RPM.

The ACIAR management team liaises closely with the Steering Committee for inputs and guidance on the overall strategy for ACIAR SDIP. 

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