Foresight4Food workshop in Montpellier, France

Foresight4Food is an initiative supported by a group of international organisations, food systems researchers, business players and civil society organisations. The collective aim is to enhance foresight and scenario analysis for the global food system. There is a need for improvements in how food system changes are explained and visualised. Also, better connections are needed between science and processes of policy dialogue, business engagement and societal learning. The Foresight4Food Initiative will support the work of existing institutions and platforms dealing with food and agriculture issues by coordinated efforts, providing foresight services and analysis to serve multiple purposes and groups.

A three day event on Foresight4Food was organised in Montpellier in France from 22 to 24 May 2018. The focus of the meeting was on themes such as:

  1. Emerging systemic risks and transformational opportunities in food systems
  2. Tracking changes in key dimensions and trends within food systems
  3. Understanding the different foresight and scenario approaches
  4. Identifying differing foresight needs for policy, business, civil society, and international collaboration
  5. Partnerships, governance, funding, and actions needed for furthering the initiative

Over 50 participants from Europe, United States, Africa and South Asia deliberated and discussed the approaches used in Foresigh4Food initiatives to gain traction and legitimacy with national and regional governments, Civil Society and local communities. Amongst institutions present were ACIAR, Oxford University, Montpellier Centre for Excellence (MUSE), CIRAD, EU, DFID, IFPRI, WEF, Wageningen, FAO and GFAR. There are currently 36 high level initiatives which are a resource base for international Foresight activities. For details please visit:

Dr Kuhu Chatterjee, ACIAR-SDIP2 Program Coordinator participated in the workshop and presented a case study on planned Foresight4Food activities in the Eastern Gangetic Basin covering eastern India, the Nepal Terai and northern Bangladesh. 

The Foresight4Food component of ACIAR-SDIP will begin with a South Asia regional workshop on June 13th in New Delhi where members of think tanks, policy makers and scientists who are engaged in Food Systems research will gather together to consider this approach in the drive to improve food, energy and water security. The proposed ACIAR-SDIP foresight work will be informed by regional priorities, and will likely consist of the following elements:

  • Synthesise existing information and undertake dialogue processes 
  • Identify potential policy and institutional innovations
  • Consider all actions from a climate change and gender lens  
  • Be anchored in evidence, partnerships and linkages developed in Phase 1 of ACIAR-SDIP (i.e. the SRFSI project)

For more information, please contact Dr Kuhu Chatterjee ( or Dr Jim Woodhill (

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