ACIAR SDIP2 Steering Committee meets for the first time

The inaugural meeting of the ACIAR SDIP2 Steering Committee was held in Delhi, India on 12th June. 

The Steering Committee consists of a mix of eminent representatives of the wider South Asian agricultural system, including members of national planning commissions, regional partner organisations, gender experts and the private sector.

Steering Committee members include Dr PK Joshi (IFPRI), Dr Shivendra Kumar Srivasata (NITI Aayog), Professor Saraswati Raju (Jawaharlal Nehru University), Dr Wais Kabir (Krishi Gobeshona Foundation), Ms Farah Kabir (ActionAid Bangladesh), Mr Madhav Belbase (Water and Energy Commission Secretariat, Government of Nepal), Dr Aditi Mukherji (ICIMOD), Dr Vikas Goswami (Godrej Industries Ltd), Dr Nikhil Raj (Tata-Cornell Institute for Agriculture and Nutrition). ACIAR CEO Professor Andrew Campbell and Research Program Managers Dr Robyn Johnston and Dr Eric Huttner will also contribute.

The Steering Committee will help guide the ACIAR SDIP work program by informing priorities, responding to higher level research results, and ensuring alignment and integration with regional policy and dialogue processes and other research efforts.

The key themes discussed and suggested for inclusion in the program were rural transformation (social dynamics including labour; farming in and for the future), diversification, risk management, gender, water and climate change. These will be considered within the wider framework of the food-energy-water nexus.

The next meeting will be held in early 2019, with the dates and location to be confirmed.


NewsTamara Jackson