Showcasing ACIAR – Bangladesh research partnerships

On July 29th 2018 a workshop was held by ACIAR and the Krishi Gobeshona Foundation (KGF) in Dhaka, Bangladesh to showcase the partnerships developed by the two organisations. The event was attended by more than 250 people who came for the day’s presentations and discussions led by Australian and Bangladeshi researchers. The theme of the workshop was promoting pulses, oilseeds, maize and other crops in the stress prone areas of Bangladesh. 

The event was attended by a number of key dignitaries including the Bangladeshi Minister of Agriculture Begum Matia Chowdhury, ACIAR CEO Professor Andrew Campbell and the Australian High Commissioner to Bangladesh Ms Julia Niblett. In the Minister’s opening address she remarked “I am happy to note that ACIAR is supporting the agricultural institutions and scientific capacity.” 

ACIAR project leaders Professor Richard Bell from Murdoch University, Professor Willy Erskine from the University of Western Australia, and Dr Mohammed Mainuddin from CSIRO gave presentations and fielded questions on their ongoing projects. The presentations stimulated a good discussion and the audience had many questions for the panel that was moderated by the chairman Professor M.A. Sattar Mandal. 

The workshop was cohosted by ACIAR and Bangladesh research co-funder KGF. KGF was established by the Bangladeshi Government in 2007 under joint sponsorship from the World Bank. The purpose of establishing KGF was to promote partnerships and collaborations among the NARS institutes, technology dissemination departments (Department of Agricultural Extension, Department of Livestock Services and Department of Fisheries), farmer's organizations, private sector entities, universities aand the international research centers working on agricultural research, development and extension.

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NewsConor Ashleigh